Passive Forex Revolution

Changing the face of trading. No charts, no analysis, no direction, no stress.

Feature 01

AI is the present

Nearly 90% of successful trading operations use AI to stay competitive and consistent in the markets

Feature 02

0 Screen Time

Using AI to trade Forex means no more sitting at the computer waiting for a trade setup. The AI will wait patiently and excecute perfectly

Feature 03

No Forecasting

Do you feel hopeless trying to figure out the direction of the market? The best traders thrive on volatilty and uncertainty, you should too

Feature 04

Regular Profits

The dream of Forex is to make reliable income in the most stress free way possible. AI trading methods allow you to just that

Feature 05

Automate Risk Management

The main reason Forex traders lose is because of poor risk management. Fully automate complicated risk management strategies and follow them 100% objectively.